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Last year's Go Green Flash Dance Mob for Bushwick Inlet Park



Hello GO GREENers,


For the first time, we are going to close with a rallying bang and we hope you will join us!


As many of you know, Bushwick Inlet Park is the biggest green issue in North Brooklyn right now. In short, in 2005, the City of New York promised the neighborhoods of Greenpoint and Williamsburg a 28-acre park along North Brooklyn’s waterfront. Almost a decade later, tens-of-thousands of new residents have moved in, but very little of the promised Bushwick Inlet Park has materialized. Now is our last chance. Unless we come together as a community and send a forceful message to City Hall, our promised park will never be delivered. Learn more at


At 4 PM, after our Speaker Panel on Open Spaces ends, Christopher, our amazing emcee featured below, will get on the stage to lead us into a giant group dance to “YMCA” which we will change to “Where is our Park?!”  So plan to jump in and join us. 


In solidarity,

Town Square Go Green team 


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